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Lapse in Time…

Sorry for the lag in pictures and updates. Life has been absolutely crazy! I got a new Canon 40D camera!! I also got a new 17″ MacBook Pro laptop computer! I have been loading new software and getting things set up, so things have been running me a little extra time on getting things done. Zane’s store has also been crazy with New Student Orientation. 
Here are a few pictures that I have taken with my new camera! All of these are straight out of the camera with no edits whatsoever. Since I didn’t have a photoshoot in the past few days, I used my own subjects… Maddie and Max and their puppies! For those who don’t know, our Cairn Terrier dogs, Maddie and Max had puppies on June 1st. 
Cuddling with the siblings…

All of the puppies looking at the camera
Max checking in on his children
A cute picture of my sweetheart, Max (if you haven’t noticed, he actually somewhat poses for the camera, unlike Maddie who usually runs away haha…)
I just had to add this one because it is so funny… I have never seen or taken a picture where the dog blinked for the picture. Only Maddie would. 
One of the puppies… “Alvin” because he looks like a chipmunk. He is light colored with a dark brown streak on his back. My sister helped name all of the puppies, and their names start with A-E in birth order…. Alvin, Baxter, Chloe, Dixie, and Elvis. We wanted to use cute dog names, but names that me and Zane wouldn’t ever want for our own kids, hence the name Elvis.

I also took some bridal portraits not too long ago that I am doing the wedding in Riodoso! The wedding is July 12, so I will post some bridal portraits on my site soon after the wedding. 

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